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end of life research study

SMor1Cook started this conversation

I have started a research project attempting to provide dying pediatric patients a way to deal with their impending death.  There is very little research available about how to assist people that are dying, especially a child.  This study utilizes interviews and a video camera.  The goal is to find a means for children to talk about the dying process as well as to leave a legacy.  I would like to get other hospitals in the US involved in this study.  Currently the study has only been implemented at Arkansas Children's Hospital and I would like to get other pediatric centers involved.  Having more institutions involved will increase access to data.  I need financial assistance to be able to cover costs of travel and training to these other institutions that wish to participate in this study.

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Hoping to get grant to deal with clients who are mentally ill and have children. If not do a research at Children's hospital where there is a program going on right now. The program deals with helping the children deal with operations and other processes they have to go through.

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Hi Shannon Moreno-Cook, There are federal grants for medical research and we wish you that you manage to get one. If you follow the link in the next section, you will go to a page where you will find a list of what federal grants and programs for medical research are available. See which of these are applicable for you and which your project is eligible for and let's hope that you will get aid in obtaining the resources for your study.

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